A Guide to Domains & Web Hosting


Domains Web Hosting

If you are planning on making a presence online, whether for business or for personal reasons, know that the first step always involves the creation of a website. When making a website, you can either take the free path or give yourself a proper identity by purchasing and registering your own domain name. This infographic research will tackle all about domain names and web hosting.

A domain name is used to identify one or more IP addresses. Every domain name has a suffix that would indicate which TLD (top level domain) it belongs to. Domain name system can be described as a friendly naming system that is used to give addresses to web servers and web pages. If you ever want to change your web host, your domain will go with you. This means that your domain name stays the same and that your audience will be able to find you using the same domain name. It gives more credibility to a business or an organization because there are only a few people who are willing to do business with companies who don’t have their own domain names. It makes your website easier to remember. You are likely to get more sponsors when you own your domain name.

Source : Domains and Hosting


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