Riding Safely on the Road with Effective Motorcycle Safety

Riding Safely on Holidays

There is no doubt that motorcycles have high performance capabilities. However, they are also a lot less stable and less visible than other vehicles which make them more prone to accidents and crashes. It is common knowledge that visibility is the key to road safety but there are other ways to keep safe on the road. This infographic research will focus on motorcycle safety.

One of the most common reasons for motorcycle fatalities is that most motorcycle drivers fail to wear the proper motorcycle gear that would help protect them in the case of accidents. Serious head injury is the most likely cause of death for motorcyclists which makes wearing helmets important as they are 37% effective in preventing motorcycle death and 67% effective in preventing brain injury. According to the federal government, the number of motorcycle deaths is 26 times more than that of cars back in 2013. If you would consider the fatalities for every type of motor vehicle, you would notice that the number has considerably fallen from 44,525 deaths in 1975 to 32,675 in 2014. However, with motorcycle deaths, you can see a noticeable increase from 3,106 motorcycle deaths in 1975 to 4,295 in 2014.

Source : Solo Moto


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