Every Year 5,300 people die in The Netherland, What are You Doing about It?


This infographic is about the differences between heart attack, heart failure, and cardiac arrest. With a cardiac arrest, the heart stops knocking and pumping blood around due to serious arrhythmias. The organs do not receive blood, so also no more oxygen. Within seconds the victim gets unconscious and (normal) breathing stops. A cardiac arrest happens in The Netherlands every day to 42 people outside the hospital. In a myocardial infarction (also known as heart attack) the coronary artery of the heart is blocked. A part of the heart receives no blood, so also no oxygen. In The Netherlands every day 78 people get a heart attack. The hearts of people with heart failure pumps less powerful. In the Netherlands 130,000 people live with heart failure.

In 2014 in The Netherlands 5,300 people died due to a heart attack, 545 died in a car incident and 52 people died in a house fire. Every day in The Netherlands 42 people get a sudden cardiac arrest outside the hospital, and 78 people a heart attack. BHV Nederland is a company in The Netherlands which is specialized in organizing courses for CPR, emergency response officers and first aid (although they sell AED’s occasionally their core business is education).

Source : BHV Nederland


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