A Simple Guide to Getting Hired in Thailand

Getting Hired in Thailand

Having a stable job brings food to the table and in a society that is built around money you can only understand why having a stable job is important. Right now is a good time for employment in Thailand and if you are looking for work, this infographic research will focus on how you can get hired in Thailand. Thailand today is considered as a development success story and in less than a generation, the country has managed to become an upper-income economy from a middle-income economy. It had even survived the 1997 financial crisis quite beautifully. The country has sustained its growth starting from the 80s up to this time and has managed to pull out millions of people from poverty.

In the last 30 years, poverty has been reduced from 67% in 1986 to 11% in 2014 and along with this, income has considerably risen. Thailand today is one of Asia’s major economies with the lowest poverty rate. The unemployment rate is attributed to the developments in education (with many employed in high value jobs), family planning and increased life expectancy. This means that Thailand is in need of workers and is offering vast employment opportunities. Finding a job in Thailand is now easier than ever for both locals and foreigners.

Source : scooppeople.asia


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