2016 Fatal Forklift Accidents


This is an infographic on the fatal forklift accidents in the year 2016. Each year, an average of 1,700 accidents happen where forklift trucks were involved. 150 accidents result in serious injury. Accidents involving forklift trucks are in 4th place of workplace accident causes. Per year on average 7 deaths from forklift accidents, in the first 7 months of 2016 this mark is already reached.

Most common accidents with a forklift are (1) Collision with a pedestrian, (2) Struck by falling material, (3) Accident with a victim on or in a moving forklift, (4) Crushed between forklift and a surface, (5) Crushed by forklift tipping over due to heavy load, (6) Fall from platform on the forks.
Forklift Training is the best investment in forklift safety. Buying a forklift truck is a good start, but one thing that is important is who is behind the wheel! 25% of forklift-related accidents are the result of inadequate training.

You cannot obtain your forklift license in just one hour like many cheap training companies offer. The Basic Forklift course takes at least two days (one day theory and one day practice). A forklift course must meet the appropriate criteria such as adequate training time and up to two drivers per forklift.

Source : fatal forklift accidents


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