In 8 years – The Netherlands – All Roofs Must be Asbestos Free. Bee on Time!


This is an infographic on Asbestos. The characteristics of asbestos is strong, hardwearing, isolating, cheap and fire resistant. They are used in (1) corrugated iron with asbestos, (2) panels with asbestos, (3) screeds with asbestos, (4) chimney with asbestos and (5) pipe insulations with asbestos. Asbestos is very dangerous for our health. It causes asbestoosis or lung substance, mesothelioma (asbestos cancer) and lung cancer. Every year 1400 deaths in Netherlands because of asbestos. Asbestos was prohibited to use in the Netherlands in the year 1993 and EU last 2005. Thus, all asbestos roofs have to be removed in 2024 in the Netherlands.

So how do we recognize asbestos? It is said that 16% of the Dutch people thinks they are able to recognize asbestos. The steps for removing asbestos by a certified organization are as follows. Step 1: Application for asbestos inventory report. Step 2: Reporting via Omgevingsloket Online to the local government. Step 3: Making an Action Plan. Step 4: Removing, draining en depositing of asbestos roofs. Step 5: Final inspection on behalf of airsafety-norm NEN 2990. Step 6: Invoice to customer (according to rules subsidy 2016). Step 7: Application subsidy through

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