Different Bathroom Styles around the World


If you are going to renovate your bathroom, you can get inspirations from Asian and Western bathrooms. However, if you are working on a limited space, there are some ideas that look beautiful with the space you have. Mirrored walls can make the bathroom looker bigger and a lot more spacious. There is also a range of stunning Bathroom Vanity Units and Bathroom Furniture from sites like bathroomsandmorestore.co.uk all of which are guaranteed to breathe an air of class and sophistication to your bathroom.

Although luxury is the same thing in every continent, the way that bathrooms are designed in Asia is different from the West. Oriental or Asian decorating theme possesses a classical appeal for distant origins of civilizations on whose foundations are based. For Zen-inspired design, a relaxing design can be achieved with neutral-toned walls that offer a warm and inviting atmosphere. Warm earth tone will bring life to a space and give it more personality. Bathroom Furniture made from bamboo can also be used. For Eastern-inspired design, a glamorous touch can be amped with a gold-tiled vanity or mosaic tiling with intricate pattern details in black and gold. Meanwhile, for Feng Shui inspired design, the ancient Chinese practice Feng Shui improves positive flow of energy on a space to have a positive effect on homeowners.

Source: Bathroom Furniture


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