Shipping Solution for Christmas Shoppers


After Brexit, UK-based online retailers will be able to sell more good abroad because prices are much cheaper now compared to overseas competitors. Devaluation is also encouraging to tourists who also spend money UK shopping because the United Kingdom becomes a less expensive destination. Retail post-Brexit will more agile, more digital, more capital-intensive and more responsive to change. UK mail forwarding will be the trend this Christmas for the convenience of shoppers.

Brexit or No Brexit, Christmas will always be the peak holiday spending and this year is no different. UK Christmas spending will hit a record of £77.56bn this year. Although UK Christmas spending will only be up by 1.9% year-on-year, UK households are expected to spend almost double the European average. According to a study by parent RetailMeNot and Centre for Retail Research, smartphones and tablets will account for 42.3% of UK Christmas spending where online is concerned to generate £8.87bn for UK retailers. Britain will lead Europe for mobile spending this Christmas. Retailers who will win this Christmas include those that have embraced digital and mobile and has moved forward to ensure that customers enjoy seamless shopping experience across all channels. In terms of UK Christmas spending, the average home is expected to spend £809.97 on the average. This will go towards food and drink, travel, decorations and gifts with gifts accounting for 58.5% of the budget

Source: uk forwarding


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