Palmer Administration Services Extended Service Contract – Why The Need for Additional Warranty?

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When you buy a car or a consumer product like an electronic device, it includes a warranty provided by the manufacturer for a specific period of time. Warranty is a specific feature of the purchase but once it expires, you are on your own unless you purchase an extended service contract.

Extended service contract or extended warranty is a service contract or maintenance agreement offered to consumers in addition to the standard warranty that goes with new items. Extended warranties cost extra. The amount will be a percentage of the item’s retail price. New cars come with a warranty that covers repairs for a certain period of time and a certain number of miles; for example, 3 years and 36,000 miles. Generally, auto warranty does not cover vandalism or theft, dings or dents, road salt damage, environmental or natural disaster-related damages, car wash damage, and normal routine maintenance.

Extended warranty service is offered by Palmer Administration Services for your peace of mind that there is protection when the standard warranty has expired. The car is an expensive investment and when an unexpected repair comes your way, it will be covered. Depending on which plan is taken for extended warranty service, different parts of the car are covered beyond the manufacturer’s warranty. Repairs will be a hassle-free transaction.

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