10 Facts About Asphalt You May Not Know


We’ve put together 10 fun asphalt facts for your entertainment. And, in case the infographic doesn’t load, we’ve written out what those 10 fascinating facts are right here.

1.) 90% of roads in the United States are made of asphalt.

2.) Bitumen is the glue that holds roads together and is a byproduct of crude oil processing.
3.) 120 million tons of Bitumen are used every year to construct roads.

4.) King George V was still on the throne when asphalt began being manufactured in the 1920’s.

5.) Sir Christopher Columbus reportedly used asphalt to waterproof his ships.

6.) One layer of asphalt can last for up to 60 years.

7.) Asphalt can easily be reclaimed and reused making it not only 100% recyclable but also sustainable.

8.) Asphalt is also known as the quiet pavement.

9.) Asphalt does not leach petroleum.

10.) Asphalt can be used as an effective stormwater management solution.

Source: Asphalt Facts


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