10 Amazing Facts About Your Teeth (Infographic)


Everyone likes a fun fact list and we here at the office of Franklin Dentist Tate Eble, DDS are no exception. Check out the infographic we’ve created on “10 Amazing Facts About Your Teeth!”. And just in case the image doesn’t load, we’ve listed out the fun facts for you right here. 1.) 14 Million Gallons: That’s how many gallons of toothpaste consumers in the US buy per year. 2.) 38 Days: That’s how many days over the course of your life you’ll spend brushing your teeth. 3.) Milk: A knocked out tooth will begin to die within 15 minutes. You can extend the life of the tooth by placing it in milk. 4.) 2 Swimming Pools: That’s how much saliva you will produce over the course of your lifetime! 5.) Mosquitoes: Mosquitoes have teeth… about 47 to be exact. How’s that for unsettling? 6.) Fingerprint: Everyone knows that no two fingerprints are alike. But did you know no two tongue prints are alike?! 7.) Candy: Think candy consumption is a bigger problem with adolescents? Think again. 65% of candy consumption in the US is had by adults. 8.) Tooth Decay: Is the most common childhood disease. 9.) George Washington: At the time of his inauguration, he only had one real tooth. 10.) 7.347 Billion: The number of people that currently populate the earth. Still not as high as the number bacteria that live in your mouth!

Source: Tate Eble DDS


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