What Wikipedia can’t tell you about Chiang Mai Pros and Cons


Chiang Mai from a foreigner’s point of view the pros and cons of living in Chiang Mai. The list of good and bad isn’t by any means a definitive list. It lists the pros and cons from a matter of practicality from the eyes of someone actually living in Chiang Mai who has also lived in the western world. The unique thing, however, is that it’s written by a Thai who hasn’t lost her Thai pride and beliefs but has recognized a number of western ways of doing things that can bring advantages to the table.

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Why Vaping Is Cooler and Better than Cigarette Smoking

2435 Vaping

An E-Cigarette is a cigarette-sized tube with a colored LED light on the end, containing a battery and an atomizer cartridge that holds liquid. The solutions are often referred to as e-liquid or e-juice. Typically, they contain hundreds of flavors. For those desiring nicotine without smoke, the solution contains nicotine dissolved in propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin – both common food additives. Nicotine doses in the cartridges are rated in low, medium, high, and zero nicotine. The high strength cartridge has the nicotine equivalent of a regular cigarette, though some have been known to exceed that.

Vaping has lower health risk. The availability of interesting E-juice flavors makes vaping more enjoyable. It does not produce odor and residue like cigarette smoke. Emissions are minimally invasive and pose no health threats to bystanders. E-Juice flavors are mildly pleasant. It is socially acceptable in places where smoking is not allowed. You do not have to step out of the office or a bar to vape. It does not cause addiction. Many smokers who cannot quit smoking have switched to vaping and found out that it helps them abstain from smoking for long periods. Total nicotine intake is substantially reduced. Vaping is tobacco-free and in some cases, nicotine-free.

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Chicago has a lot to offer in the way of entertainment for the music enthusiast. We’ve pulled together 10 venues and events that you’ll want to be sure to check out when in town. And, in case the infographic doesn’t load, we’ve written out our list for you right here.

1. Empty Bottle: The Empty Bottle is the place to be if you want to see bands before they make it big. This Ukrainian Village dive’s intimate space fits 400 and in August you can in their awesomely experimental Million Tongues Festival.

2. Metro: Names like The Smashing Pumpkins, Eddie Vedder, and Guns N’ Roses are synonymous with the Metro. Aside from the name-dropping, the Metro’s 1,000-capacity room is plain and simple an awesome way to take in a show. The sound is crystal clear and the rock club vibe is the perfect combination of edgy and cool.

3. The Hideout: If you don’t have a good time at The Hideout, you’re something different. Located in an 1890s balloon-frame house, its live music room, poetry readings, and bingo nights make it feel like something right out of your parents’ basement in all the right ways.

4. Thalia Hall: Modeled after Prague’s opera house, Thalia Hall offers a diverse lineup that includes the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Neurosis, and Lake Street Dive. Take in the show from an Abe Lincoln-esque balcony then head next door to the Michelin-starred restaurant Dusek’s or sample the punch bowls at its downstairs bar, Punch House.

5. Schuba’s Tavern: Schubas is an awesome corner bar with an adjacent dining room serving up some serious mac & cheese. But all the action is in the back room, where up-and-coming artists — often of the quieter singer/songwriter persuasion with an occasional wild rock show or hip-hop gig – can be seen on stage most nights of the week.

6. Green Mill: When the concert is over but you’re still jonesing for some music, skip the club in favor of this former Al Capone hangout where you can catch an after-hours live jazz party with Sabertooth in a swanky setting until 5am. Not really a difficult choice if you ask us.

7. Wickerpark Fest: Large music fests like Lollapalooza are great and all, but to truly experience a Chicago summer is to attend a city street festival. When it comes to music, none is finer than this long-running neighborhood event featuring 40 artists on three stages all for a $10 donation.

8. Lollapalooza: Perry Farrell’s annual Grant Park throw-down is always full of fun surprises and you’re always guaranteed to run into at least three random people you know from high school. All around, it’s a good time had by all.

9. North Coast Music Festival: In all of the hoopla over Lolla, this Annual Labor Day weekend festival tends to be overlooked, but it really shouldn’t. The North Coast Music Festival’s music lineup is consistently eclectic and the vibe is wonderfully laid-back and easy, like any good festival should be.

10. Riot Fest: In recent years, Riot Fest has slowly risen to the top to become known as the best music festival in Chicago. With uniquely excellent lineups that include names like Nine Inch Nails, Queens of the Stone Age, M.I.A., and the Wu-Tang Clan Riot Fest is sure to be three of the most fun days you can take attend in the Windy City.

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The Top 5 Music & Dance Bucket List Items for New Orleans NOLA (Infographic)

The_Top_5_Music_Dance_Bucket_List_Items_for_New_Orleans_NOLA - Infographic

When visiting a world-renowned music and dance destination like New Orleans Louisiana, widdling down a “must-do” list can prove to be somewhat of an impossible task. However, we’ve tried to get you the barest of bones, these are the basic of basic, items of things to check off your list when in New Orleans LA. And, in case the infographic doesn’t load, we’ve written out what those 5 things are right here.

1.) Attend Jazz Fest: Attend every day of (and eat at least 1 item from every food vendor at) The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival (Jazz Fest). Anyone can hit a single day or even a weekend of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival but it takes real strength of character, a fair bit of money, and plenty of sunscreen to attend all 7 days and sample at least 1 item from all 74 food vendors on the fairgrounds.

2.) Club Hop The Marigny: Because many of the music venues in the famous Marigny Triangle don’t have a cover charge, club hopping along Frenchmen’s 600 block is not by any means “undoable”. Visit D.B.A. (offering more than 160 beers and featuring local acts that are a part of NOLA’s famous musical family), the Spotted Cat Music Club (a tiny club that delivers local music from brassy jazz combos to acoustic strummers), the classic Snug Harbor (where on Friday nights Ellis Marsalis, patriarch of the Marsalis clan, holds court upstairs), The Penthouse for the Buena Vista Social at The Maison (offering a high-energy mix of salsa, bachata, and reggaeton), & Mojitos (hosting a great lineup of live music and dance).

3.) Request a Tune for the Dueling Piano’s: You won’t want to miss checking out Pat O’Brien’s. Although now a franchised business and found in many states, the original in New Orleans is and was made famous for it’s Old French Quarter architecture, dueling pianos, & it’s contributions to what is now commonly known as a hurricane drink. This is authentic as it gets and more fun than most can handle.

4.) Parade in a Second Line: One of the best things about New Orleans is that sometimes, seemingly out of nowhere, a second line parade just starts rolling down the street. When that happens, you drop everything and roll with them. The “first line” makes up the members of the actual club and the brass band. Those who follow the club and band just to enjoy the music are called the “second line.” Dozens of different second line parades are put on throughout the year and range in size, the level of organization and traditions. But in all cases, they will include a brass band, jubilant dancing in the street and members decked out in a wardrobe of bright colors with the spontaneous energy of a block party. The parades are not tied to any particular event, holiday or commemoration; rather, they are generally held for their own sake (or in the wake of a funeral in historic fashion) and to let the good times roll.

5.) Hear the Church choir at St. Louis Cathedral: Religious music is far from boring in New Orleans and few cities in the world are as instantly recognizable by their buildings as is New Orleans by the St. Louis Cathedral and its position overlooking Jackson Square. Take in the St. Louis Cathedral Church Choir alongside the amazing Jazz Fest Shabbat at Touro Synagogue, the Trinity Church Organ Series, and the Soulful Voices Choir at St. Augustine Church to get a musical experience unlike any other.

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10 Amazing Facts About Your Teeth (Infographic)


Everyone likes a fun fact list and we here at the office of Franklin Dentist Tate Eble, DDS are no exception. Check out the infographic we’ve created on “10 Amazing Facts About Your Teeth!”. And just in case the image doesn’t load, we’ve listed out the fun facts for you right here. 1.) 14 Million Gallons: That’s how many gallons of toothpaste consumers in the US buy per year. 2.) 38 Days: That’s how many days over the course of your life you’ll spend brushing your teeth. 3.) Milk: A knocked out tooth will begin to die within 15 minutes. You can extend the life of the tooth by placing it in milk. 4.) 2 Swimming Pools: That’s how much saliva you will produce over the course of your lifetime! 5.) Mosquitoes: Mosquitoes have teeth… about 47 to be exact. How’s that for unsettling? 6.) Fingerprint: Everyone knows that no two fingerprints are alike. But did you know no two tongue prints are alike?! 7.) Candy: Think candy consumption is a bigger problem with adolescents? Think again. 65% of candy consumption in the US is had by adults. 8.) Tooth Decay: Is the most common childhood disease. 9.) George Washington: At the time of his inauguration, he only had one real tooth. 10.) 7.347 Billion: The number of people that currently populate the earth. Still not as high as the number bacteria that live in your mouth!

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Atlanta’s Best Music & Dance Festivals of 2017


If you’re anything like us, you’re always looking for the next best party. Don’t miss some of the greatest music & dance festivals Atlanta, GA has to offer. Grab your boo and make your way into the heart of the city. You won’t want to miss these. Trust us. And in case the infographic doesn’t load, we’ve written out the party info right here. 60 TONS: That’s how much sand the June 16th “Summer in the City… Where Beach Meets the Streets” will be dumping onto Decatur Square to make sure your summer kicks off right. Best part is… this year the gates are gone and admission is free! KOUMBASSA: Take in a concert and a class with the world’s most sought-after teacher of Guinea-style African dance, Youssouf Koumbassa! The 3-day Atlanta African Dance & Drum Festival continues to be recognized as the Southeast’s destination conference for the best in traditional and modern African dance. Hosted at the Covenant House Georgia Sep 28th-Sep 30th. 7 HOURS: That’s how many hours of live blues and bluegrass music you’ll get to take in at the Decatur BBQ Blues & Bluegrass Festival. A family friendly event with all the sights, sounds, and smells of classic southern BBQ at Harmony Park on Aug 17th. 4 DJ’S: 4 DJ’s bring house music to Grant Park this year on Sep 3rd. “House in the Park” has been lovingly coined as ”Atlanta’s Ultimate Picnic for House Heads”. “You can come with no food, no water, and no family and you will leave with a belly full, thirst quenched, and a new family.” JERK: Hold up, we’re not insulting you! We’re just referencing the “Atlanta Jerk Fest”! The only one of its kind in Georgia and one of the top rated Caribbean Festivals in the nation! Plan on getting down to reggae & dancehall music. 60,000: That’s how many show up for the “awe-inspiring spectacle of lights and sounds” that is “The Atlanta Beltline Lantern Parade: The Largest Temporary Art Exhibition in the South”. The glowing procession of light, music, and color will illuminate the Eastside Trail on Sep 9th.

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